Posted December 13, 2013 By Eileen Hannigan

Winter has arrived in southern Wisconsin. We have a few inches of snow and arctic-like temperatures that ensure the snow will stick around. With the snow comes a completely new experience on my morning bicycle commute. During spring, summer, and fall my route is an easy few miles through mostly residential streets. While riding I can plan my work, think about what to make for dinner, or just daydream.

photo copy.JPG

But now, winter requires changes in my routines. A route that once allowed for daydreaming now requires deliberate attention as I dodge rutted tracks and look out for black ice and sliding cars. Road conditions change daily so complacency is not possible.  I could trade the bike for a car (or bus) ride, but I don’t because with the small risk and heightened attention come rewards: doing something I enjoy year-round; a new challenge every day; noticing my usual route in a new way as a snow-covered wonderland.

In some ways, winter came early for me this year. In November, I traded a comfortable job for an exciting new opportunity at ILLUME. With that risk has come great rewards: I’m able to do work I love with intention and each day brings new challenges and new ways of advancing an industry that is important to me.

I’m thrilled to be part of the ILLUME team and honored to work with industry experts Anne and Sara. I look forward to each new challenge this adventure brings me…assuming I dodge that black ice on the way to the office.