The Great Nest Challenge!

Posted May 7, 2014

Okay – the heading might be a bit much but I am undertaking a personal challenge, it is me versus my Nest thermostat. I installed my Nest last fall (to be honest my  11 year old son installed our Nest thermostat – honestly, it was that easy, an 11 year old can do it). Even since I have been obsessed, obsessed with:
  • My app – I love controlling my nest from my iPhone.
  • My leaves – I love collecting leaves, love it!
  • My monthly report – it is one of the only email newsletters that comes from a company I have purchased an item from that I read, every month.

Why do I read the report you ask? Because there is one more thing I am obsessed with, my ranking.  I am obsessed with where my usage falls amongst my fellow Nesters.  Hence the challenge.  I am consistently at the top 25% of Nesters (see my last report here), but I am not happy with that.  I am an Energy Efficiency professional! I should be better than that and I am putting it out there, my own public challange, in the hopes that I can get better (you all know I am obsessively competitive and love beating my own benchmarks). I am going to post my report each month, sinner or saint, for the world to see.  This should be fun (or horrifying – we will see).