The Great Nest Fail ~ Err Challenge Part II

Posted July 10, 2014

I have failed, my Nest report for May arrived and I did not get better, I in fact got worse. I have no excuse, I traveled half the month, the kids were in school, maybe I can blame the dog. Yes, that is it the dog must be turning down the thermostat when I am not at home.
My May Nest report.

My May Nest report.

Here are the stats, despite keeping my thermostat 4 degrees higher than the average Nester during the cooling season and 3 degrees higher than my fellow Wisconsin Nesters I still went from the the top 25% of nesters to the top 35% of Nesters. If it is not the cooling, then what is it? I rail on the kids about leaving lights on, the water heater is set appropriately but yet here I am part of the 35%.


My May Nest report.

ILLUME has been doing some work looking at the savings for Advanced Power Strips, and in doing so I am starting to suspect that the culprit might be my electronics, my home entertainment system in fact. I have an XBox One and I have recently learned that the XBox One stays in a 15 Watt drawing idle mode 24 hours a day 7 days a week so if by chance you walk in the room and say “Xbox on” it can be ready to go. So, my next step in my goal to get into the 15% of Nesters? Order one of these, an Advanced Power Strips from TrickleStar. Maybe this will get me there, stay tuned!