A Paradoxical Holiday

Posted December 13, 2017
By Anne Dougherty, Co-Founder

2017 has been a paradoxical year for ILLUME. We have been so fortunate to build our ILLUME family with the generous trust and support of our clients.  And, as a team, we witnessed seismic shifts in public policies and public rhetoric amid raging storms and wildfires. We watched in shock as so many communities have suffered amidst the chaos of this year.

To be the beneficiaries of so much growth, while witnessing so much loss, has left us humbled. It has also reinvigorated our purpose. When we started ILLUME, one of our core missions was to create a safe space for our employees and to honor the diversity of our team, while also providing the financial means, the benefits, the security, and the daily space necessary to foster healthy families and communities.

When others turn their backs on the social values that define us, we as employers, community members, and benefactors of immense privilege, have a role to play. We have to step up, we have to hold our ground, and we have to be better.

This year, ILLUME is doubling down on our commitments and expanding them. We are renewing our annual support to the Southern Poverty Law Center. We are giving to Team Rubicon, who supports our veterans and our communities in personal transition and devastating natural disasters. We are gifting to small, but important causes, such as supporting local community groups. As we look forward to 2018, we are committed to further positioning ILLUME as a leader and champion for diversity & inclusivity in our industry and in our own policies and our practices.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in building a value-driven company. We will continue to do our very best to support you in your work and in your communities. Happiest of holidays from our team at ILLUME!