California ME&O Evaluation Proposal

Illume Ink

Massachusetts Program Administrators. Cross-Cutting Brand Awareness Study. 2018

ILLUME is providing marketing evaluation and market research support for Massachusetts’ statewide evaluation of their marketing and outreach efforts. This study is focusing on overall customer awareness of the MASS SAVE brand, MA program awareness, and awareness across key populations of interest, Spanish-speakers and low-income customers. Results from this effort directly inform the MA statewide marketing team’s media buys and marketing approach in 2018.

MASS SAVE Awareness Study

Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA). Natural Gas Market Segmentation. 2016

ILLUME led a natural gas market characterization and segmentation study to improve NEEA’s knowledge of natural gas customers and the market for efficient natural gas products in the northwest. ILLUME used secondary research, online focus groups, a 1,600-customer survey, and clustering-based segmentation models to provide a complete market characterization and customer-focused segmentation analysis. Additional geographic analysis and guidance documents were developed for use in targeting and outreach strategies.

Natural Gas Segmentation Study

Minnesota Department of Commerce, Department of Energy Resources. Commercial Behavior Segmentation and Potential Study. 2016-2017

ILLUME Advising led a commercial customer behavior segmentation study and potential analysis, aimed at measuring behavior change opportunities by end use. As part of this study, ILLUME developed customer segments for strategic targeting and outreach. The segment and saving potential insights gained from this research were then analytically “sized” for the state overall and also by regions. This work included comprehensive GIS mapping of opportunity potential for increased market penetration and dissemination.

Statewide Commercial Behavior Segmentation and Potential Study