Behavior Change Research

Behavior Change Design Consulting: You want people to act, but you don’t know how to motivate change. ILLUME’s behavior change experts apply emerging social science thinking into testable engagement strategies.

Participant Observation: Sometimes, seeing is believing. Our trained ethnographers use participant observation techniques to examine how behaviors (big and small) are informed by customers’ cultures and environments and, more importantly, how to engage customers to create positive change.

Predictive Analytics: Why guess when you can predict? At ILLUME, our data scientists support your marketing and outreach efforts to increase your realization rates and optimize your spending with predictive statistical modeling. We can identify who is most likely to respond to your programs and products by leveraging the data you already have in hand.

Micro-targeting: Why mass market when you can microtarget? Our team can help you increase marketing returns by more than 500% by applying predictive analytics to find households and neighborhoods eager for your solutions.