Custom Studies

custom studies

Regulatory Support and Testimony: Each market is different—especially regulated markets. At ILLUME, we can help you navigate the regulatory landscape at the state or federal level. Our team of experts can provide both program planning and evaluation support to ensure you meet regulatory expectations and exceed your energy reduction goals.

Strategic Business Consulting: Clean energy markets offer huge opportunity, but regulation can leave even the most confident entrepreneur feeling hesitant. ILLUME’s leadership provides the strategic business consulting needed to make sure that your life’s work—or your latest venture—is well-positioned to succeed.

Experimental Design: It’s not enough to suspect that your actions are having an impact. In today’s complex marketplace, you need definitive proof that your programs, marketing, and outreach efforts are creating substantive change. ILLUME’s social and data scientists are experts in a wide-range of experimental and quasi-experimental design strategies. From program start-up to delivery, we can ensure that your efforts get the rigorous analysis they deserve to prove material impacts.