Historically, environmental and energy decisions have underserved/marginalized a diverse group of people. To move to a more equitable future ILLUME helps clients remedy these disparities through empathic research, incisive data science work, and stakeholder engagement. From influential work on defining equity to understanding energy program nonparticipation to conduct research on equity in workforce development, our work helps utilities, program administrators, and governments answer questions such as: 

  • How can we achieve ambitious climate goals while considering equity impacts and opportunities?
  • Who has been historically marginalized or underserved in environmental and energy decisions? Who is most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change or the clean energy transition?
  • How can we involve marginalized and vulnerable populations in planning and decision-making?
  • How do we measure what matters to people and communities, to make sure the clean energy transition benefits everyone?

ILLUME integrates equity throughout our work with clients and provides the following services:

Disadvantaged Communities Definition and Investment Distribution Baseline and Mapping. ILLUME advises utilities, government agencies, and stakeholders on how to better define disadvantaged communities (DACs) within their jurisdiction and helps clients understand the benefits of investments being developed in proxy to those definitions. This work engages clients around disadvantaged community definitions and frameworks for thinking about benefits, including “direct” spending and benefits, and indirect outcomes such as economic and jobs benefits, and air quality and emission benefits.

Environmental Justices, Climate, and Equitable Jobs, and Policy Advising. ILLUME provides clients with research and advisory services to inform implementation strategies related to environmental justice communities (EJC), climate change policy, and workforce development. Our research helps clients identify DACs and the barriers these communities historically faced related to environmental justice and how utilities, government agencies, and stakeholders can directly address these barriers in partnership and/or by supporting others.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consulting. ILLUME provides utilities, government agencies, and other stakeholders with research and advisory services to enhance equity in clean energy programs. ILLUME provides consulting on ways to incorporate equity into the utility program portfolios, the development of new energy metrics, and the design and implementation of community outreach strategies.