Customer Experience

Customer Journey Mapping: Every one of your customers is on a unique life path. Our social scientists help you understand how their paths align–or do not align–with your organization, products, or services. Through careful observational and qualitative research, we can help you map out positive experiences that ensure you both meet your goals.

Process Evaluation: Programs and products, like people, need a little self-reflection to grow. ILLUME’s process research helps you stay on track, meet your goals, and create enduring market partnerships without compromising customer experiences. With best practices as our foundation, we add methodological creativity to deliver tailored, forward-thinking recommendations.

In-home and Onsite Research: Sometimes, you don’t know what you don’t know. Our in-home and onsite research takes the time to observe customers in the environments where they engage with your programs, products, and services. We observe the interplay between the physical and social environments to discover how micro-interactions foster, or hinder, your success.

Participatory Design Research: A design only works if it enhances customers’ experiences. Participatory design research brings your customers into a creative and iterative process to co-create products and services with you. Rather than fitting customers into your ideal product or service, our participatory design research ensures that your products and services fit them.

Focus Groups, Triads, and One-on-Ones: When in doubt, listen. ILLUME’s expert moderators support you by carefully listening to your customers. From message testing to usability tests to cognitive testing, our team of researchers help you translate what customers say—or don’t say—into strategy.