Impact Analysis

Experimental Design: It’s not enough to suspect that your actions are having an impact. In today’s complex marketplace, you need definitive proof that your programs, marketing, and outreach efforts are creating substantive change. ILLUME’s social and data scientists are experts in a wide-range of experimental and quasi-experimental design strategies. From program start-up to delivery, we can ensure that your efforts get the rigorous analysis they deserve to prove material impacts.

Statistical Modeling: For most clients, it’s not a question of having data, it’s knowing what to do with it. Through careful listening and analytical expertise, our data scientists transform your business and research questions into data-driven insights. We help you sift through the noise to pull out key trends, predictions, and relationships to move forward with confidence.

Meter and Billing Impact Analyses: Drawing on meter and billing data, our data scientists follow industry best practices for regression-based impact assessments. We help you link your efforts to the energy use and load management practices of residents and businesses through rigorous analyses that leverage experimental and quasi-experimental designs.

Field Trials: You have to start slow to move fast. Field trials are essential to testing any new product or service to ensure that your money is well spent. ILLUME’s expert behavioral scientists, evaluators, and market researchers develop rigorous field trials using diverse methodologies to best fit your needs—whether that means complex experimental design or insight-driven participant observation.

Evaluability Consulting: If you don’t know whether your efforts can be evaluated, the answer is likely no. Not yet. At ILLUME, we work closely with you to ensure your efforts can be evaluated rigorously and stand up to regulatory scrutiny. Using our evaluation experience, we help you manage regulatory risk and performance uncertainty.