Market Research

Secondary Research: Why recreate the wheel? Leveraging market insights you have already gathered saves you time and money. Our team of researchers can help you cost-effectively cull and analyze existing research and data through meta analyses, business intelligence, gap analyses, and comprehensive literature reviews.

Survey Research: No matter what you need to learn from your customers, we make sure their voices are heard and their responses are carefully measured. Our team leverages fast-feedback surveys, customer satisfaction studies, and longitudinal tracking studies to keep your ear to the ground. We pair our data collection with expertise in analytical techniques from simple descriptive statistics to complex hierarchical modeling.

Market Assessment: It’s best to know before you go. Whether you’re interested in developing a new product or service or understanding the existing penetration and saturation of your offerings, we can help. Our team can assess the market using primary data collection, secondary research, or forecasting techniques. We help you make sure-footed next steps by connecting the right methodology to your most pressing questions.

Customer Segmentation: You live in a different world from your customers, whether you realize it or not. At ILLUME, we help you avoid the pitfalls of miscommunication through market segmentation. We help you speak to your customers in a way that is meaningful to them and aligned with their needs.

In-depth Qualitative Research: Sometimes the story isn’t in the numbers. Using interviews, focus groups, and ethnographic research, you can understand nuances in discussions, opinions, and perceptions. Data from qualitative formats can be just as powerful as intense analytics. Our team’s skilled qualitative researchers center the discussion on the customers’ perceptions and filter the results through rigorous analytical processes.