Program Design and Planning

Regulatory Support and Testimony: Each market is different—especially regulated markets. At ILLUME, we can help you navigate the regulatory landscape at the state or federal level. Our team of experts can provide both program planning and evaluation support to ensure you meet regulatory expectations and exceed your energy reduction goals.

Program and Portfolio Planning: Energy markets are changing rapidly. Whether driven by codes and standards, a lagging economy, or swift consumer adoption of new technologies, ILLUME can provide the perspective you need to turn market changes into opportunities. Whether your entire portfolio needs an overhaul or one program needs close scrutiny, ILLUME can ensure you are maximizing your market’s potential.

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis: It’s not rocket science, but it often feels like it. Cost-effectiveness tests are an essential part of program and portfolio planning. Our team members have supported multiple clients like you in determining whether their programs are cost-effective, and if not, how to ensure that they are.

Strategic Business Consulting: Clean energy markets offer huge opportunity, but regulation can leave even the most confident entrepreneur feeling hesitant. ILLUME’s leadership provides the strategic business consulting needed to make sure that your life’s work—or your latest venture—is well-positioned to succeed.

Embedded Evaluation: If you wait until you’ve designed your initiative to consider evaluation, you may have already missed the mark. ILLUME’s expert evaluators and planners can support you in embedding the appropriate standards and quality assurance processes into your efforts. We prepare you for third-party evaluation and—more importantly—ensure you are never surprised.