Case Studies

January 2024

Heat Pump and Integrated Controls Performance Review

December 2023

Shifts in Energy Use Through Time-Varying and Dynamic Pricing Rates

October 2023

A Square Peg and a Round Hole: Advancing Equity in the Energy Industry

April 2023

Driving the All-Electric Home Construction Market Forward

March 2023

How Market Actors can Spur All-Electric New Home Construction

February 2023

Eliminating Energy Program Participation Barriers for Renters, Landlords, and Property Managers

January 2023

New York Leans into Equity-Focused Climate Goals

December 2022

Testing the Efficacy of Home Energy Reports: A Meta-Analysis of HER Program Evaluations

November 2022

Connecting with Communities: Expanding Engagement to Create more Inclusive Programs

May 2022

Understanding Customer Motivations to Reshape Solar Programs

April 2022

Holistic Customer Segmentation: An Innovative Approach for Utilities to Drive Customer Value and Profits

March 2022

Integrated HVAC Controls: What We Are Learning From Early Adopters

October 2021

Unpacking the Meaning Behind Value, Cost, and Price in a Time of Climate Shocks

August 2021

From Energy Efficiency to Demand Impacts: In search of viable offerings.

July 2021

Hidden in the Basement: Customer Learnings from a DR Study

May 2021

New Metrics: What Assessing Energy Burden and Bill Impacts Can and Can’t Tell Us

April 2021

Understanding our Underserved Majority

March 2021

Integrated Market Research Unlocks the New Tech Win-Win

February 2021

Are EV-Supporting Programs Revving the Market?