Case Studies

May 2024

The Intersection of Food Deserts and Energy Efficiency

April 2024

Addressing Challenges in Heat Pump Water Heater Adoption

January 2024

Heat Pump and Integrated Controls Performance Review

December 2023

Shifts in Energy Use Through Time-Varying and Dynamic Pricing Rates

October 2023

A Square Peg and a Round Hole: Advancing Equity in the Energy Industry

April 2023

Driving the All-Electric Home Construction Market Forward

March 2023

How Market Actors can Spur All-Electric New Home Construction

February 2023

Eliminating Energy Program Participation Barriers for Renters, Landlords, and Property Managers

January 2023

New York Leans into Equity-Focused Climate Goals

December 2022

Testing the Efficacy of Home Energy Reports: A Meta-Analysis of HER Program Evaluations

November 2022

Connecting with Communities: Expanding Engagement to Create more Inclusive Programs

May 2022

Understanding Customer Motivations to Reshape Solar Programs

April 2022

Holistic Customer Segmentation: An Innovative Approach for Utilities to Drive Customer Value and Profits

March 2022

Integrated HVAC Controls: What We Are Learning From Early Adopters

October 2021

Unpacking the Meaning Behind Value, Cost, and Price in a Time of Climate Shocks

August 2021

From Energy Efficiency to Demand Impacts: In search of viable offerings.

July 2021

Hidden in the Basement: Customer Learnings from a DR Study

May 2021

New Metrics: What Assessing Energy Burden and Bill Impacts Can and Can’t Tell Us

April 2021

Understanding our Underserved Majority

March 2021

Integrated Market Research Unlocks the New Tech Win-Win

February 2021

Are EV-Supporting Programs Revving the Market?