November 2023

Now We Are Cooking! What We Know about Consumer Adoption of Induction Cooktops

November 2023

Under Control: Customer Experience with Integrated Controls to Manage Heat Pumps

November 2023

More Data and More Questions: Refining Both to Boost Residential Energy Program Participation

November 2023

From Policy to the Real World: Realizing an Equitable Energy Future

September 2023

Breaking Barriers and Empowering Opportunities

May 2023

Unlocking Transportation Electrification in South LA

April 2023

Inclusive Program Design with Communities at the Center: Moving from Lip Service to Meaningful Actualization

April 2023

Toto, I Don’t Think We’re in 2019 Anymore: Rethinking Customer Messaging in the New Normal

February 2023

Advancing Energy Efficiency Behaviors Findings Webinar Presentation

January 2023

Water Heater Demand Response: Comparing Full Replacement and After-Market Controllers

October 2019

Energy Efficiency Deserts

October 2018

Customer Insights Meet Business Constraints: Going to Market in a Regulated Environment

October 2018

Machine Learning and Ethnography: An Unlikely Pair

October 2018

Methods and Metrics for Divergent Populations

September 2018

What Drives Customers?

August 2018

Energy Efficiency is Being Treated like a Resource at Scale, Where Does Billing Analysis Fit?

May 2018

Diverse Communications for Diverse Customers

October 2017

Small Business and Behavioral Energy Efficiency: Dividing Deep into Data to Estimate Statewide Potential

October 2017

Clearing up the Unclear Savings of Advanced Thermostats in Illinois

October 2016

Mapping the Customer Journey

April 2015

Making Research Matter! A Talk at the Northwest Energy Efficiency Exchange

February 2015

Today is a Transition

January 2015

Future of EM&V

June 2014

California Statewide Water-Energy Nexus Message