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Thank you for participating in our Survey!

ILLUME is conducting research on behalf of DTE to better understand home energy management devices that would be useful to households in Michigan. This information will be used to design energy efficiency related programs and services. Respondent information will not be sold and all responses will remain anonymous. The results of our study will only be viewed in aggregate to inform our research effort.

ILLUME conducts cutting-edge research that seeks to understand consumer behaviors and decision making. The majority of our research is in support of publicly funded energy and energy efficiency programs, with the goal of reducing the amount of energy used by households and businesses. We invite you to view a sample of our white papers and presentations in our library

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If you have additional questions about this research or any other research conducted by ILLUME, feel free to contact Sharon Talbott at:


If you have questions for DTE Energy, please contact Thac Nguyen at: