June 2023

Reflecting back on this webinar from 2020, we explore the role of distributed generation to more equitably address the threats of climate change. Expert guest panelists from Southern California Edison, and California-based electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) manufacturer, KIGT, discuss resiliency and the ways utilities and cities can better align around the needs of utility customers.

April 2023

In our industry, we continue to identify ways for utilities, regulators, and program administrators to consider equity and environmental justice when writing legislation and program offerings. In this webinar ILLUME hosted in 2020, our panel of experts discuss this and other important considerations.

February 2023

ILLUME Director, Alex Dunn will be participating in a webinar sponsored by the Wisconsin Public Utility Institute in two weeks. Listen in as she joins other presenters to discuss Affordability and the Energy Burden. Register today.

January 2023

In tomorrow’s webinar, hear presentations that address a DOE-funded study by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and ILLUME Advising. Liz Kelley will share the study’s findings about how homeowners make decisions connected to home energy use and how this will inform future electrification opportunities and barriers for decarbonization across a variety of communities.

October 2022

Deidre Sanders and Allison Carlson from ILLUME will be joining MEEA and other thought leaders for a webinar this Thursday. They will discuss how we understand energy equity, how we measure it, and how to incorporate it into our planning and decision making going forward. Please click the link to register.

October 2022

In the spirit of Indigenous Peoples’ Day we share this webinar from 2020, Tribal Energy Resilience. In this webinar we speak with Dr. Suzanne Singer and Dr. Len Necefer to discuss the state of energy resources on tribal lands.

October 2022

As the digital world continues to transform and shape our daily lives, it’s critical for leaders in energy, education, and human services to be aware that not everyone can stay connected when it’s most needed. In our 2020 webinar series, ILLUME featured speakers from across these industries to explore connectivity solutions and what is needed to build equity.

September 2022

We revisit this webinar from last year when we discuss EV adoption with emerging technology experts and members of the ILLUME team. We ask important questions around communicating the benefits of EVs, laying the groundwork for EV charging, and finding ways to partner with cities and stakeholders to meet aggressive climate goals.