Amanda Dwelley



Amanda Dwelley is a multi-disciplinary researcher and data scientist always looking for ways to combine existing data with deep customer insights to improve program performance and customer engagement. She brings more than 10 years of experience in energy research and evaluation and 5 years of marketing strategy experience from Fortune 500 companies to ILLUME. Building from her strong foundation of econometric and quantitative methods, she focuses on merging data with qualitative insights to not only answer the question of “what happened?” numerically, but “why?” (what worked well? how did customers respond?). She leads primary research aimed at understanding the customer experience and improving program design and marketing. Amanda is also an industry expert in home energy report program design and evaluations with more than 10 years of experience measuring performance and setting up behavioral programs up for success and continuous improvement. When she’s not leading the team in creative experimental design you can find Amanda wandering the woods and trails of Maine or on her yoga mat.

Amanda is located in Camden, ME.

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Our team conducted a thorough review of research addressing the research question: What happens to energy savings when HER recipients no longer receive reports or if they receive reports at a reduced cadence?

Customer Insights Meet Business Constraints: Going to Market in a Regulated Environment

At the EPIC conference in 2018, Liz Kelley and Amanda Dwelley talked about their experience helping a utility go to market with a competitive smart home offering in a regulated environment.

Natural Gas Segmentation Study

Anne Dougherty, Amanda Dwelley, and Shannon Kahl studied the attitudes and behaviors of natural gas consumers in the Pacific Northwest. They explain their findings in their 2017 report for NEEA.

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In her 2016 BECC presentation, Amanda Dwelley discusses our work journey mapping 11 of Consumers Energy’s residential programs. By identifying and prioritizing improvements, she shares the ways the process optimizes delivery.

Moving Behind Econometrics to Examine the Behavioral Change Behind Impacts

This white paper on estimating behavior change impacts, was co-authored by Anne Dougherty and Amanda Dwelley and presented at IEPEC in Boston in 2011.