Amanda Gassé

Principal Consultant – Marketing and Business Development


Amanda Gassé is an experienced integrated marketing and business development professional with more than ten years of experience in the energy industry. She is responsible for translating the organization’s business strategy into marketing and operational plans, proposals, materials, processes, and analytical approaches that enable and support ILLUME’s overarching goals and visions. Her expertise includes corporate branding, developing customer and stakeholder relationships, website design, inclusive strategic planning, and facilitation. Amanda utilizes her strengths in strategic thinking to recognize patterns in data and understand historical context to develop business frameworks, streamline processes, and create collaborative ecosystems to support growth.

Prior to joining ILLUME, Amanda designed and implemented a customer success business strategy for a global market research company and directed marketing and business development activities for an energy engineering firm. Amanda enjoys traveling with her family and experimenting in the kitchen with newfound Pinterest recipes.

Amanda is located in Boston, MA.