Arianna Zrzavy



Arianna Zrzavy is a Consultant with expertise researching environmental policy issues through an environmental justice and social equity lens. Arianna believes that social justice belongs at the center of her work, especially in a time of climate change and rapid environmental transformation. Her research on environmental justice screening tools in the United States, in partnership with the Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition (MEJC), was cited in the advancement of Michigan’s Mi EJSCREEN tool. Arianna also served as a researcher, as was part of the report writing team, in a partnership between the Kresge Foundation and the Michigan School Siting Task Force. Her work informed tools and best practices to facilitate healthy school siting decisions in Michigan. Arianna’s thesis research was published by the Environmental Law Reporter and was made the featured article by the Environmental Law Institute. Addressing Cumulative Impacts: Lessons from Environmental Justice Screening Tool Development and Resistance, discusses how disparate environmental burdens can be addressed using environmental Justice (EJ) screening tools. In her spare time, Arianna enjoys drawing, painting, and crafting at home.

Arianna is located in Madison, WI.

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