Dorsey Kaufmann

Graphic Designer


Dorsey Kaufmann is a multimedia designer who specializes in creating beautiful, interactive, user-centered graphic visualizations. With a background in environmental science and health communication, she is an expert at translating complex topics and raw data to large audiences through customized design deliverables. Throughout her career, she has created online geospatial maps, animations, interactive data interfaces, data visualizations, public installations, brand identities, websites, results booklets, and print publications for individuals, businesses, state agencies, and educational institutions. By working across many digital, print, and 3D platforms, her design objectives are to maximize the reach, accessibility, and public comprehension of the end-product. Using a creative and analytic approach, Dorsey considers the various pathways that people receive and understand information, and incorporates this knowledge into creating data-driven solutions that are memorable, impactful, and actionable. Before her design aspirations, Dorsey was obsessed with all different forms of movement and dance. Outside of ILLUME, she has a vibrant studio art practice where she creates music videos, visuals for live shows, and exhibitions. In her spare time, Dorsey loves to cook and travel to experience new cultures, people, and food.

Dorsey is located in Tucson, AZ.