Kelly Mulder

Managing Director


Kelly Mulder has dedicated her career to promoting and managing energy programs—focusing on forward-thinking design. She has more than 15 years of professional marketing, communications, and project management experience. In her work as a Managing Director, she leads the ILLUME team in the design and implementation of an Emerging Technologies offer in the Midwest. Her team provides subject matter expertise to cull the best and most innovative ideas, assesses evaluability, and leads customer satisfaction surveying to make “fast to start, fast to pivot” pilot implementation possible. She also lends her expertise to ILLUME’s process improvement and business development efforts. Kelly brings our team her marketing prowess and her passion for translating complex energy information into simple, digestible, and actionable communications. The big picture strategy is what drives her actions—she creates and leads teams that effectively communicate their market position, solutions, and tactics to get clients to where they want to go.

Kelly is located in Madison, WI.