Leith Nye



Leith Nye is a Consultant with nine years of experience in energy research, program evaluation, and community outreach. Drawing on his background as a quantitative ecologist and data scientist, he brings statistical rigor to study design, data collection, and impact analysis. He enjoys creatively mining diverse data sources and applying innovative analytic approaches, such as machine learning models and statistical simulations, to deliver actionable insights to clients. As an experienced educator, he takes care in clearly communicating findings in ways easily understood by diverse stakeholders. Leith has served as lead analyst on projects including impact evaluations for residential and commercial utility DSM programs, emerging technology field monitoring studies, and data-driven targeted marketing campaigns Having worked on projects investigating utility program participation barriers and opportunities experienced by tribes and underserved communities in Minnesota, he is driven to promote equitable access to energy services.  When not diving into data, Leith enjoys time spent with his family, reading, camping, botanizing, playing in a local punk band, and getting to know the cast of characters at the dog park.


Leith is located in Madison, WI.