Veronica Ruiz-Ronquillo

Consultant - Proposals and Content


Veronica Ruiz-Ronquillo has more than 20 years’ experience in public sector finance management and procurement. Veronica’s ardent attention to detail and strong organizational skills guide her work as the Proposals and Content Consultant for ILLUME. She is responsible for overall coordination, writing, assembly, and review of proposals. Veronica’s willingness to work in concert with others and appreciate diverse perspectives allows her to build strong partnerships with ILLUME. She builds on her background in grant management and compliance, financial auditing, and governmental procurement to support company growth. Veronica is a Board Member of the Minority and Small Business Alliance of Southern Arizona, an association that recognizes minority and small business achievements in Southern Arizona. When she’s not piecing together proposals, she’s out riding her horses or playing mariachi music with her family.

Veronica is located in Tucson, AZ.