AESP such Sweet Sorrow

Posted May 15, 2014

Yes, sweet sorrow, because as great as the AESP Spring Conference in Baltimore was this week, my thoughts weighed heavily on what we were losing. This was the last conference that Meg Matt the stalwart leader of AESP for the last 8 years presided over as President and CEO. Meg is moving onto her next adventure and as the Board Chair, leaving me with some mighty big (and mighty cute) shoes to fill.


Before I move on, let me note that once again the AESP team put on a bang up event, the content was great, the networking unbeatable and both the opening and closing plenaries were engaging, and motivating. Hearing about the DOE goal to have all new homes 50% more efficient and zero energy ready by 2030 and listening to Dr. Julie Albright talk about the challenges of a tethered industry in a time where because of mobile devices instant access we expect to be untethered, provided excellent food for thought. Exhibitors filled the hall, conversations were had, meetings held and a few innings of an Oreals game enjoyed.

But back to Meg. Meg has been a mentor and friend to me, I will miss her in her role as President and CEO of AESP and I am grateful to have had time to learn from and work with her. I look forward to continuing to see her at events in the future and am excited to see where her new path takes her. In sticking with my Shakespeare theme I will end by simply saying to Meg, ” I can no other answer make, but thanks and thanks…”