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Illume Ink

ILLUME is a team of forward-thinking consultants interested in co-creating a sustainable world through social science-informed research and evaluation.

Anne Dougherty Fun

Anne Dougherty

Founder & Co-Owner
Sara Conzemius Fun

Sara Conzemius

Founder & Co-Owner
Laura Schauer Fun

Laura Schauer

Executive Vice President – Operations
Jes Rivas Fun

Jes Rivas

Executive Vice President – Revenue
Don Smith Fun

Don Smith

Vice President – Finance, HR, IT
Eileen Hannigan Fun

Eileen Hannigan

Vice President – Talent Development
Amanda Gassé Fun

Amanda Gassé

Principal Consultant – Market Development
Alyssa Price Fun

Alyssa Price

Managing Consultant – Engineer
Dave Chamillard Fun

Dave Chamillard

Managing Consultant – Graphic Design and Production
Dorsey Kaufmann Fun

Dorsey Kaufmann

Graphic Designer
Yasmeen Chánes Fun

Yasmeen Chánes

Talent and Engagement Manager
Goldie Christensen Fun

Goldie Christensen

Consultant – Marketing and Business Development
Lindsay Rheinheimer Fun

Lindsay Rheinheimer

Administrative Assistant
Madeline Thompson Fun

Madeline Thompson

Contracts and Procurement Manager
Carolyn Rider Fun

Carolyn Rider

Proposal and Content Coordinator
Lisa LeBeau Obear Fun

Lisa LeBeau Obear

Managing Director
Pace Goodman Fun

Pace Goodman

Senior Director
Alexandra Dunn Fun

Alexandra Dunn

Liz Kelley Fun

Liz Kelley

Shannon Kahl Fun

Shannon Kahl

Senior Managing Consultant
Marilla Yaggie Fun

Marilla Yaggie

Senior Managing Consultant
Leigh Michael Fun

Leigh Michael

Senior Managing Consultant
Bahareh van Boekhold Fun

Bahareh van Boekhold

Senior Managing Consultant
Gita Subramony Fun

Gita Subramony

Senior Managing Consultant
Kimberly Jaeger Johnson Fun

Kimberly Jaeger Johnson

Managing Consultant
Becca Cevilla Fun

Becca Cevilla

Managing Consultant
Mallika Jayaraman Fun

Mallika Jayaraman

Managing Consultant
Maass Fun


Managing Consultant
Joe Kramer Fun

Joe Kramer

Senior Consultant
Nabila Huq Fun

Nabila Huq

Senior Consultant
Beth Prosnitz Fun

Beth Prosnitz

Senior Consultant
Emily H. Morris Fun

Emily H. Morris

Senior Consultant
Leith Nye Fun

Leith Nye

Senior Consultant
Tabitha Munson Fun

Tabitha Munson

Senior Analyst
Arianna Zrzavy Fun

Arianna Zrzavy

Senior Analyst
Andie Gemme Fun

Andie Gemme

Senior Analyst
Lisa Qu Fun

Lisa Qu

Senior Analyst
Yuliana Ruiz Fun

Yuliana Ruiz

Miriam Stein Fun

Miriam Stein


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