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Women-Led Business

ILLUME places a high value on creating an equitable environment that allows individuals to pursue their professional interests and have a balanced work-home life. At the same time, we are bullish about our growth and as a small company, we need team members who can pull together and support project needs collaboratively.


Managing Consultant


The Managing Consultant will be responsible for leading ILLUME’s projects end-to-end. Drawing upon the work and expertise of colleagues, as well as own professional and industry experiences, the Managing Consultant will complete deliverables that provide clients a cohesive story that both informs and presents realistic paths forward. The Managing Consultant will also provide expert quality assurance and quality control analyses. The successful candidate will have industry experience in utilities, energy efficiency, data analytics, data sciences and modeling, engineering, and/or market research analytics.

Proposal and Production Manager  

The Proposal and Production Manager is a critical part of the ILLUME Business Development team and is responsible for 1) assisting in the overall coordination, pricing, assembly, and review of proposal documentation, and presenting submittal to management for approval and 2) leading the internal production process at ILLUME which includes overseeing the development of collateral, reports, presentations and other public or client facing materials. The individual will be required to interface with ILLUME team members, clients and partners working across the team and often other companies to develop content. The proposal and production manager will ensure all products and deliverables are of the highest quality and standards, that there is an efficient and organized production process in place, that all due dates are met, and that all products meet the needs of internal and external clients.


The Analyst will conduct thoughtful and rigorous research and analysis to support client deliverables. By actively considering clients’ research questions, the Analyst will tell the story with analysis to convey information thoughtfully and meaningfully. The Analyst will apply sound and appropriate methods to data collection and analysis while maintaining a critical eye to ensure data integrity. The analyst will identify findings and relationships in data to inform program messaging, processes, behaviors, and improvement opportunities.

Energy Data Analyst

ILLUME offers forward-thinking consulting to help our clients build successful, cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable programs. We offer research-driven, tactical advising to ensure our clients meet their business, regulatory and ‘public good’ goals. The Energy Data Scientist will support our most data intensive work – cleaning, writing code, structuring databases, analyzing, and managing very large data sets with thoughtful and rigorous methods. The Energy Data Scientist will contribute to client deliverables by actively considering clients’ research questions and developing and implementing appropriate methodologies while maintaining a critical eye to ensure data integrity. The Energy Data Scientist must bring a balance of analytical and consulting savvy to this role. You are a great fit for data analytics at ILLUME if you are highly analytical AND possess a consulting (entrepreneurial) mindset.

Analyst (Qualitative Focus)

ILLUME Advising is seeking a creative and experienced ethnographer or human-centered researcher to join our team. The successful candidate will conduct innovative and rigorous research and analysis to support client deliverables. The candidate will be adept at telling a thoughtful and meaningful story that responds to the client’s research questions and is supported by robust analysis. The analyst will have experience designing and conducting qualitative fieldwork including ethnographic observation; in-depth interviews; groups interviews; message and concept testing; participatory design and co-creative research; and immersions. The analyst will identify and clearly communicate research insights and findings in the data to inform program messaging, processes, behaviors, and improvement opportunities. The candidate will be able to translate complex social science and behavioral research concepts and findings into specific and actionable recommendations on program strategy, design, and communication.

Directing Advisor

ILLUME Advising, LLC is looking for a Directing Advisor with expertise in the Social Science research methods and theory. The Directing Advisor will be responsible for leading large and complex formative and evaluative research projects on behalf of ILLUME Advising. The Director will draw upon the work and expertise of colleagues including ILLUME’s analytical teams to successfully deliver thoughtful work and expert consulting services to our clients. Projects will be in ILLUME’s core programmatic areas of expertise including marketing, behavioral energy efficiency, demand response, rate reform, and integrated demand side management. Given this high responsibility, the project manager is considered a senior position.

Program Manager – Home Energy Management and Automation

As a Program Manager, you will be focused on the end-to-end oversight of an innovative home energy management and automation pilot in the greater Detroit Area. You will be responsible for delivering the pilot in close collaboration with your marketing and research partners as well as the product developer against a pre-determined pilot plan. Your core objective is to ensure the day-to-day success of critical work stream, including but not limited to, participant targeting, participant recruitment, oversight of product fulfillment, oversight of customer installation success and satisfaction, trouble-shooting challenges in field, and gathering the resources necessary to deliver a world-class pilot. You will work to increase acquisitions, drive sustained product use, inform product evolution, evolve the brand/customer relationship and thrill our client.

In-House Graphic Designer, Word Processor & Production Assistant

As the In-House Graphic Designer, Word Processor, and Production Assistant you will work closely with both researchers and the marketing team to bring our reporting to life with clean formatting and polished graphic collateral. You will have the opportunity to work with a wide range of media including infographics, video, client presentations, magazine-style reports, digital animations, and interactive online publications. You will bring a sophisticated eye and a story-tellers mindset to our team’s data visualizations. With numerous projects and deadlines, you will use strong coordination and communication skills to prioritize across projects and deliver high-quality products on time. The ideal candidate has experience with design software such as InDesign, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro but is also willing to tackle new programs and learn new skills.