Opportunity in Disruption

Posted January 10, 2019

More than five years ago, Anne and Sara were strategizing, visioning, and planning for what their yet-to-be-named dream would be. They painted a picture of what it would look like in five years if they created something new, a consultancy to intervene in the energy industry by marrying the competencies of design, implementation, and evaluation with human-centric research.

Over the past five years, ILLUME has exceeded our founders’ expectations. Launched in 2013, it grew from the vision of two women to a thriving firm of more than 30 dedicated professionals.

In Opportunity in Disruption, we apply what ILLUME has learned in the past five years to the challenges of the next five. We take on topics such as DERs, the future of evaluation, design-thinking, and ways our clients can capitalize on existing customer relationships to find success during this time of industry disruption.

Our first magazine was truly a labor of love. We used our go-to think tank approach for nearly every piece – from sourcing articles, to drafting (and re-drafting), to editing, to creating beautiful imagery. We don’t name contributors because nearly every member of the organization had a hand in creating it.

We wanted to continue down our founders’ path and create something new and fresh. We wanted to make a statement – tough commentary can be empathetic, thoughtful narrative can be fun, scholarly content can be beautiful.

We hope you’ll enjoy Opportunity in Disruption and find inspiration in its pages.