BECC 2023

Posted October 18, 2023

Are you planning to attend BECC in Sacramento November 12 – 15, 2023? ILLUME is a proud sponsor of the conference and we have multiple team members presenting on a range of topics, including:

Leigh Michael

From Policy to the Real World: Realizing an Equitable Energy Future

Monday, 11/13 at 10:30am PT

In 2021, President Biden enacted the Justice40 initiative, which sets a goal for disadvantaged communities most impacted by climate change and pollution to receiving 40% of overall benefits from Federal investments in climate and clean energy. Some states and municipalities—either pre-dating this landmark legislation or in response to it—are enacting policies to achieve similar equity and/or environmental justice goals. While these policies establish very important intended outcomes, they lack a concrete roadmap to achieve those goals. This session will present best practices on how decision-makers at the state, agency, and utility levels can translate oftentimes opaque policy directives into tangible goals and actionable frameworks.

Emily Morris

More Data and More Questions: Refining Both to Boost Residential Energy Program Participation

Monday, 11/13 at 1:30pm PT

Energy efficiency program managers need to understand their customer markets to effectively address barriers to participation in residential energy efficiency programs. One way to learn more about customers is to assess big data like U.S. Census data that informs residential characteristics by population, region, or point in time. However, it is hard to discern meaningful insights from single-source data. More robust datasets provide a deeper understanding of energy efficiency program gaps, impacts, and potential. ILLUME has developed a layered Tableau dashboard and supplemental process to support utilities in making informed program design decisions. This session will present best practices in dashboard-driven decision-making.

Gita Subramony

Under Control: Customer Experience with Integrated Controls to Manage Heat Pumps

Monday, 11/13 at 3:30pm PT

Momentum to consider heat pumps as a key solution for the decarbonization of the residential sector has grown to fever pitch. By electrifying space heating equipment, customers can avoid oil, propane, or natural gas as a heating fuel and leverage increasing renewable generation to meet home heating needs. However, ensuring heat pump technology can provide thermal comfort in the most severe cold conditions remains a challenge. Many industry experts expect dual fuel, hybrid, and backup systems to be part of the heat pump play. This presentation will focus on the role of integrated controls in enabling residential customers to adopt heat pumps to replace or displace existing fossil fuel heating systems.

Liz Kelley

Now We Are Cooking! What We Know about Consumer Adoption of Induction Cooktops

Monday, 11/13 at 3:30pm PT

Decarbonization is the cornerstone of many climate action plans, and residential building sector electrification is a key tool in reaching federal, state, and local decarbonization goals. While there has been considerable movement toward electrifying the residential space and water heaters, cooking electrification seems to be the last hold-up to full home electrification. One of the obvious challenges in cooking electrification is the perception that gas offers better cooking quality, precision, and experience compared to electric cooking. While this is the case with electric resistance cooking; induction cooking offers on-par and arguably enhanced cooking quality. Furthermore, it does so without the adverse effects on indoor air quality, a topic recently popularized via several back-to-back studies, articles, and news coverage. Despite these advantages, induction cooking has only a small share of the residential cooking market.

Anne Dougherty

Anne Dougherty will be moderating a panel on equity in lighting featuring multiple speakers.

Tuesday, 11/14 at 10:30am PT