A sample of our works, presentations and publications. If you would like to learn more about any of the information provided below please let us know.

Northwest Ductless Heat Pump Initiative: Market Progress Evaluation Report #5

Co-authored by Sara Conzemius and Shannon Kahl. The fifth market progress evaluation of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s (NEEA) Ductless Heat Pump Initiative assesses the Initiative’s progress in meeting its market transformation goals.

Sara Conzemius Shannon Kahl
Matching and VIA: Quasi-Experimental Methods in a World of Imperfect Data

Co-authored by Eileen Hannigan and presented at the 2015 IEPEC conference.

Eileen Hannigan
Integrating Behavior Programs into Portfolio Plans to Integrate Cross-Program Effects

A white paper by Michael Goldman and Anne Dougherty on how we can explore alternative evaluation and planning approaches that can be used to diminish or remove disincentive to cross-promote programs while also…

Anne Dougherty
Northwest Ductless Heat Pump Initiative: Market Progress Evaluation Report #4

for the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance by Sara Conzemius.

Sara Conzemius
MyMeter Impact Evaluation

By Anne Dougherty and Eileen Hannigan

Anne Dougherty
Behavioral Energy Feedback Program Evaluation

A white paper from the 2014 IEPEC conference in Berlin on the need to go further than just assessing energy impacts to address existing gaps in knowledge and finding ways to most effectively incorporate these…

Anne Dougherty Sara Conzemius
The Promise and Reality of Behavior Programs

Are They a Reliable Resource by Anne Dougherty

Anne Dougherty
Paving the way for a Richer Mix of Residential Behavioral Programs

A paper co authored by Anne Dougherty commissioned to identify behavior change intervention options for addressing behaviors inherently part of California’s broad set of programs

Anne Dougherty
Know Before You Go

How Up-Front Investment in Market Research and Segmentation Can Improve Outcomes in Small Business Direct Install Programs by Sara Conzemius and Danielle Marquis of SmartWatt

Sara Conzemius
Impacts of Feedback Programs: Generating Comparable Impacts across Varying Program Design Models

Co-Authored by Anne Dougherty and presented at IEPEC in Chicago in 2013

Anne Dougherty
A Hand to Hold

A Holistic Approach to Addressing Barriers in the Home Retrofit Market by Sara Conzemius and Laura Schauer

Sara Conzemius Laura Schauer
Consumer Message Testing for Ductless Heat Pumps and Heat Pump Water Heaters

for the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance by Sara Conzemius

Sara Conzemius
Energy Kits: Maximizing the Savings Potential

An overview by Mallika Jayaraman

Higher Savings Goals and the Rebate/Buy-Down Elephant in the Room: Recognizing When and How to Move On to Market Lift

Co-Authored by Eileen Hannigan and Rick Winch and presented at the 2010 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency

Eileen Hannigan
Today is a Transition

Presentation from the AESP 25th National Conference, key note address by Sara Conzemius

Sara Conzemius
Lessons in Water/Energy Messaging

Findings and key take a ways from consumer message testing on the water/energy nexus in Spanish and Mandarin by Anne Dougherty

Anne Dougherty
Locational Emissions Estimation Methodology (LEEM)

Webinar By Anne Dougherty and Wayne State University

Anne Dougherty
Future of EM&V

2015 Midwest Energy Solutions Conference by Laura Schauer

Laura Schauer
Ethnographic Inquiry in Energy: Exploring Meaning-Making and Sociality in Language Use, Program Participation, and Behavioral Choice

Co-Authored by Anne Dougherty and presented at the 2010 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency

Anne Dougherty
The Carrot and the Evaluator; How financial incentives have affected EM&V practices

2013 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency By Laura Schauer

Laura Schauer
Moving Behind Econometrics to Examine the Behavioral Change Behind Impacts

Co-Authored by Anne Dougherty and presented at IEPEC in Boston in 2011

Anne Dougherty
Comparison of Home Retrofit Programs in Wisconsin

Co-authored by Eileen Hannigan for the US Department of Energy, Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Building Technologies Program, March 2013.

Eileen Hannigan
Making Research Matter! A Talk at the Northwest Energy Efficiency Exchange

A video recording from the 2015 Efficiency Exchange conference held in Portland, on getting clear on your research goals by Anne Dougherty

Anne Dougherty