Volume 4

Illume Ink

The Great Decarbonization

A Systems Approach: Defining Energy Burden and Determining How to Treat It

Balancing Your Equity Framework

Basics for Innovation: How Evaluation Fundamentals Can Spur Innovation

Customer-Centered Culture

From the Lab into Our Lives: Technologies that Promise to Transform How We Generate and Save Energy

Further/Faster – Google Sets Its Sights on 24/7 Clean Energy to Power Its Global Supply

Georgians Transforming the Lives of Neighbors: An Interview with Eric Arnold

Ground Truthing Strategy: The ILLUME Way

Heat Pumps Take Center Stage

Illuminating Opportunity In Uncertainty

Is This Our Climate’s Moonshot Moment? Moving Markets with Top-Down Legislative Action

Keeping the Lights On: Leveraging Energy Efficiency for Reliability

Looking Ahead in Uncertain Times: How Evaluation Can Help Lead the Way

More Accessible Solar: Community Solar and Pricing Programs Democratize Solar Benefits

Supporting New York’s Disadvantaged Communities’ Goals

The Need For Speed: Evaluation as an Emerging Opportunities Accelerator

The Theory of Everything: Is Equity’s ‘Broader’ and ‘Deeper’ Approach the Key to Decarbonizing at Scale?

There are Jobs to be Done: How Journey Mapping Can Move Us Past Experiences to Opportunity

Unpacking the Utility’s Value in a Time of Climate Shocks