ILSFA PY4 Projects and DACs Heatmap

Posted March 4, 2024

This interactive heatmap illustrates the concentration of Disadvantaged Community (DAC) designations across the state by block group. The map uses a color gradient that transitions from yellow to red, representing the increasing number of DAC designations within each area. Lighter yellow hues indicate fewer designations, while deeper reds signify areas with more overlapping DAC designations. Through this tool, users can:

  • Identify the general locations of Community Solar (CS) and Distributed Generation (DG) projects represented by dots, with the caveat that DG project locations are generalized within their respective block groups for privacy. Projects in DAC under one or more designations are transparent, allowing the underlying colors to be visible through them. White projects are not in DACs under any designation.
  • Delve into specific regions for a granular view, learning the precise number of DAC designations and identifying the specific DAC designations of each block group.
  • Compare Ameren’s and ComEd’s service areas to understand how utility coverage aligns with disadvantaged communities and project locations.