ILSFA PY4 Projects and DACs Map

Posted March 13, 2024

This interactive map provides a comprehensive overlay of various Disadvantaged Community (DAC) designations throughout the state. It features a user-friendly ‘toggle’ function, allowing block group comparison between different DAC designations. Through this tool, users can:

  • Identify the general locations of Community Solar (CS), Distributed Generation (DG), and Non-profit/Public Facilities (NP/PF) projects represented by dots, with the caveat that DG and NP/PF project locations are generalized within their respective block groups for privacy. Projects that are in DAC under one or more designations are transparent, allowing the underlying colors to be visible through them. White projects are not in DACs under any designation.
  • View both the distinctions and the overlaps among communities identified as disadvantaged. The more designations overlap, the more saturated the color becomes.