demand response

May 2023

Emerging technologies are the mechanism by which utilities create customer engagement, ensure savings, and future proof their portfolios. In this case study, ILLUME found valuable learnings about the customer experience in our evaluation of a pilot to assess the magnitude of demand impacts and energy savings from water heater-based demand response (DR).

April 2023

As part of a water heater demand response pilot, ILLUME used hourly AMI data to evaluate event impacts on peak load in summer and winter. In this 2021 blog written by Eileen Hannigan, we talk about how ILLUME combined customer surveys and staff interviews with impact analyses, to inform how this demand response program can shed light on customer control, a key component for program retention.

April 2023

In this 2021 blog written by Liz Kelley, we look back at recent smart thermostat research to demonstrate how utilities can re-engage customers around the benefits and pain points of demand response (DR) as climate change demands longer and more frequent DR events.

March 2023

As the need for demand management and reliability increases, how can we extend energy efficiency (EE) portfolios to increase demand impacts and improve reliability? In this Magazine article, learn more about how ILLUME helps our customers navigate the challenge of current and emerging grid constraints, the regulatory environment, and the EE portfolio mix intersection with a staged approach.

December 2022

ILLUME Vice President, Eileen Hannigan, presented this white paper at the 2022 IEPEC conference this year. It will discuss two different approaches to water heater demand response. Read the white paper to see results from events conducted in both winter and summer.

October 2022

What barriers and opportunities exist for teams working in R&D, emerging technology, and pilot programs? Read our newest blog to see our recommendations and considerations for enabling emerging technology efforts.

July 2021

Keeping Smart Thermostat Customers Engaged as DR Events Become More Uncomfortable