energy equity

February 2023

ILLUME is using our ground-truthing strategy to identify disadvantaged and vulnerable communities and understand what those communities care about to help alleviate energy burdens and build climate resiliency. Read this article from our 2022 Magazine to learn how ILLUME is helping the State of New York discern how billions of dollars of annual investments will be allocated to disadvantaged communities and how those benefits will be measured.

August 2022

Join ILLUME’s own Laura Schauer and Dr. Elizabeth Kelley as they present for AESP. They’ll discuss how to identify key program design and implementation strategies to equitably reach and serve ALL communities and customers.

July 2022

ILLUME Senior Managing Director, Dr. Deidre Sanders will be participating in the first ever Blacks in Green (BIG) Black Energy Justice Retreat. The event will bring together renowned energy justice experts with 100 Black community-based organizations from within Illinois with the goal to end energy poverty. Apply today and join Deidre at the Black Energy Justice Retreat.