environmental justice

May 2023

Meeting the Moment with Community-First Infrastructure Investment Models

April 2023

As our clean energy industry recovers from the pandemic, we have an opportunity to re-envision our workforce to better address structural and historic inequities in access, wealth, and opportunity. In this article from last year’s Magazine, ILLUME offers our recommendations to ensure the green recovery is accessible to a broader swath of the U.S. population.

February 2023

ILLUME is using our ground-truthing strategy to identify disadvantaged and vulnerable communities and understand what those communities care about to help alleviate energy burdens and build climate resiliency. Read this article from our 2022 Magazine to learn how ILLUME is helping the State of New York discern how billions of dollars of annual investments will be allocated to disadvantaged communities and how those benefits will be measured.

January 2023

In response to the goals outlined in Illinois’ Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA), ComEd is developing initiatives for workforce development, electrification, resiliency, and the renewable energy transition – and seeks to do so in a way that equitably addresses and works to correct historic environmental injustice. ComEd enlisted ILLUME to perform a study to inform both its implementation strategy of CEJA’s goals. This report summarizes the analysis, findings, and recommendations from the study.

March 2022

(Re)investing in Community: How Environmental Justice Communities & Tools are Reshaping Climate and Energy Investments