Yasmeen Chánes

People Champion


The signature through line in Yasmeen’s educational pursuits, nonprofit commitments, and career choices centers on her deeply held respect for the varied experiences, interests, and motivations of others. As a Black Latinx woman, she is deeply aware of how her presence, leadership, and talents can be used to create inclusive equitable spaces and lead work that both recognizes and celebrates the diversity of perspectives, lived experiences, and knowledge that each team member brings to the table. Putting people before outcomes is crucial to her philosophy and is central to her guiding principles of leadership. Yasmeen believes in investing in people; understanding their unique abilities, strengths, and experiences; and meeting people where they are to create positive and productive workplaces. In her free time, Yasmeen likes to learn about astrology, travel, and catch up on pop culture.


Yasmeen is located in Tucson, AZ.