Okay might just be okay ~ Breaking the Green Ceiling Part III

Posted June 25, 2014 By Sara Conzemius

Week five*: I have a tendency to be driven, to want to be the best I can be at everything I do, but as I practice this game called golf, I am learning a few unexpected lessons. One of those is that despite my tendency to always strive for perfection, I might have to settle for just being okay.
Sunday morning at the driving range.

Sunday morning at the driving range.

Many of us have the tendency to want to be the best we can be at everything, and that is good, but how much do we give up in that pursuit? If I practiced as much as I would need to just be good at golf, I would have to do so at the expense of my other passions.

Let me be clear this is not a call for mediocrity but a call for balance, for recognizing and understanding what the outcome is for each of your goals and working towards that end. Some will be big, bold and grand, worth every ounce of perfection and greatness you put into them and some will be about getting you to okay. Does this mean I give up on my goal of being able to get out on the course and play a round? No, it simply means that that for me being just okay at golf still gets me to the exact same place as being good or even great might, on the links.

All of us have to give at times, not give up, but give. We have to understand when we need great, when we need good, when good enough is good enough and when its okay to be just okay. So, five weeks in, I am practicing and working hard and I am learning that it is absolutely okay to be okay.

*I have to confess that I had to miss putting last week to attend the AESP National Conference planning retreat. But that’s okay, putting isn’t that important. Is it?