Sara Conzemius

Founder & Co-Owner


Sara Conzemius is an expert in the design and implementation of customer-sided energy programs. An awarded industry leader, Sara provides savvy guidance on program design, policy and EM&V strategy for utilities, states, and private entities. Sara plays key roles in national conversations that are driving future program design, and leading to a more transformed market. With particular expertise in program policy and residential market channels, Sara applies research expertise, adept project scoping, development, analytical methods, interviewing and qualitative analysis to energy programs and portfolios across the U.S. and Canada. Sara has provided legislative and commission testimony in multiple states and supported the development of national legislation intended to support energy efficiency in U.S. homes. Sara is a sought-after thought-leader, speaker, and strategist. She has served in multiple industry leadership roles, including as a founding board member for the Program for the Evaluation and Assessment of Residential Lighting (PEARL), Chairperson of the Board for the Association of Energy Service Professionals (AESP), and the current Chairperson of the Energy Efficiency Working Group for the Dane County Office of Energy and Climate. Sara has given plenary speeches at numerous industry events including several AESP National Conferences, and the 2018 Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) Industry Partner Meeting. Sara has received multiple prestigious industry awards for her dedication to and work on behalf of the industry including the Michael C. Thompson Award presented by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for her dedication to the energy efficiency industry, and the B.H. Prassad award for her work on behalf of AESP.

Sara is located in Madison, WI.

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In her 2018 presentation at the CEE Partner Meeting, Sara Conzemius shares what customers care about—home, family, harmony, agency. Understanding what influences customers can help implementers offer programs and products that truly connect.

ENERGY STAR® Retail Products Platform (RPP): Conditions and Considerations in Evaluating Market Transformation Programs and Evaluation Guidance for RPP

In their report for SEE Action, Sara Conzemius and Alex Dunn provide guidance that can be used for estimating energy savings impacts resulting from midstream market transformation programs with specific focus on RPP.

Know Before You Go

Sara Conzemius and Danielle Marquis of SmartWatt describe how up-front investment in market research and segmentation can improve outcomes in small business direct install programs.

Northwest Ductless Heat Pump Initiative: Market Progress Evaluation Report #5

Co-authored by Sara Conzemius and Shannon Kahl. The fifth market progress evaluation of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s (NEEA) Ductless Heat Pump Initiative assesses the Initiative’s progress in meeting its market transformation goals.

Northwest Ductless Heat Pump Initiative: Market Progress Evaluation Report #4

Sara Conzemius provides an update on the Ductless Heat Pump Initiative for the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance.

Today is a Transition

This presentation, Sara Conzemius’ keynote from the AESP 25th National Conference, addresses the industry’s disruption and the changes ahead.

Consumer Message Testing for Ductless Heat Pumps and Heat Pump Water Heaters

Sara Conzemius led this report for NEEA on ductless heat pump message testing.

Assessment of Savings and Results for “Kit” Based Energy Efficiency Programming

This white paper by Sara Conzemius and Allison Carlson looks at kit savings and potential.

Potential Savings for Tier 1 Advanced PowerStrips

A white paper by Sara Conzemius exploring the potential savings and programmatic uses of tier 1 advanced powerstrips.

Behavioral Energy Feedback Program Evaluation

Anne Dougherty and Sara Conzemius’ white paper from the 2014 IEPEC conference in Berlin proves the need to go further than just assessing energy impacts of behavioral programs.

A Hand to Hold: A Holistic Approach to Addressing Barriers in the Home Retrofit Market

In this white paper, Sara Conzemius and Laura Schauer describe a pilot that overcame barriers to comprehensive residential retrofits using incentives, a turnkey offering, and an energy advocate.