Managing Consultant

JOB TITLE: Managing Consultant
STATUS: Exempt, 40 hours per week
LOCATION:  Tucson AZ, Madison WI, Portland OR. Remote locations also considered.
REPORTS TO: Laura Schauer, Principal in Madison, WI
WORKS UNDER: Administrative Direction


The Managing Consultant will be responsible for leading ILLUME’s projects end-to-end. Drawing upon the work and expertise of colleagues, as well as own professional and industry experiences, the Managing Consultant will complete deliverables that provide clients a cohesive story that both informs and presents realistic paths forward. The Managing Consultant will also provide expert quality assurance and quality control analyses. The successful candidate will have industry experience in utilities, energy efficiency, data analytics, data sciences and modeling, engineering, and/or market research analytics.


The Managing Consultant is responsible for:

1. Project delivery including critically reviewing all technical analyses and deliverables to ensure they meet ILLUME’s high quality standards and exceed clients’ expectations.

2. Critical administrative activities to ensure the health of the project, including; budget tracking and management, invoicing, detailed project planning, staff resourcing, and timeline management.

3. Project scoping and management under the direction of the Executive-in-Charge and or Project Director; proactively identifying scope issues and implications on project financials, managing the risks and communications associated with those changes

4. Active communication and coordination of the project team, including but not limited to communicating expectations, coaching in areas of expertise (e.g., research methodologies, analysis approaches), and providing constructive feedback to improve research and end products.

5. Clear and exceptional written and verbal communication to the executive in charge and across the entire project team. Communications include: weekly projects scrums that cover status updates, weekly priorities, changes and identification of items that need deeper discussion, monthly client reports, etc.

6. “Telling the story” of quantitative research, engineering, and analysis results; working with the analytical team to effectively interpret and convey the key take-aways of various research activities in a way that is actionable and relatable to a general, less technical audience. This includes the ability to deliver high quality reports and presentations on findings.

7. Client interactions and relationship building, serving as the primary point of contact for the client, brokering and setting up meetings, providing clear communication on project status, providing updates, and bringing issues or concerns forward along with potential solutions. Ensure client satisfaction with the work and the ILLUME team.

8. Sales/project expansion identifying project expansion opportunities for the client, cultivating client relationships so as to secure continued or renewals in work and supporting the executive team in the development of proposals as needed.

9. Providing mentorship to junior technical team members through sharing data analytics, data science and statistical modeling best practices in data management, analysis and quality control. Working directly with junior staff on project teams to help develop expertise through project-based experience.


Bachelor’s degree in relevant area of study such as statistics, economics, mathematics, engineering or environmental science.


Master’s of Arts or Science in relevant area of study such as statistics, mathematics, economics, environmental science or engineering.


• Industry experience in utilities, energy efficiency, data analytics, data sciences and modeling, engineering, and/or market research analytics

• 4 years of experience managing research or evaluation projects that include quantitative research techniques (academic and/or practical work experience).

• Significant experience with data preparation, cleaning, and quality assurance and quality control processes

• Experience in data analysis and interpretation and/or statistical models, such as regression modeling for billing analysis

• Experience with budget management and project planning

• Superior verbal and written communication skills, demonstrating clarity and conciseness

• Tireless attention to detail in all prior experience (academic and professional)

• Ability to prioritize effectively in the face of multiple and shifting priorities, working on and delivering to multiple tasks and projects within established timelines

• A history of successful, creative problem-solving

• Independent decision-making experience with solid judgment

• Presentation skills


• Direct experience (academic or work project) with regression models, model selection and testing, comparison group selection and/or iterative models.

• Interest and base understanding in current trends in data science, such as machine learning, predictive modeling and data visualization

• Proficiency with R (programming language)


• Optimism (ILLUME has a zero tolerance for cynicism)

• Demonstrated ability to thrive in a fast-paced, demanding environment

• Proactive communication and escalation (i.e., the ability to state clearly, concisely and promptly any concerns with data quality, results, and timelines)

• The ability to anticipate realistic timelines (without over- or under-estimating); to set one’s own project timelines; and to maintain 100% accountability for working within established timelines, i.e., self-directed

• The ability to collaborate as part of a team, as well as to work independently in quasi-remote settings

• Strong self-management with a team perspective in management time

• Grit (watch this video)

At ILLUME, you can expect to be an important part of building an expanding consultancy that delivers on our core vision. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys working with data and people, and maintaining commitment to personal growth, you’ll be in good company at ILLUME.


The Managing Consultant will work in an office setting the majority of the time. This position requires sitting (or standing) for long periods of time at a computer; and communicating by telephone and email. Dress code at ILLUME is business casual (“pulled together”). This position requires some travel.


ILLUME invests in its staff as a long-term and mutual investment. At ILLUME, we’re committed to building a valued business and rewarding careers while also maintaining healthy personal lives.

Benefits include healthcare, 401k with a 3% contribution, paid holidays and an average of 4 weeks of vacation/personal time per year. As we grow, so will our comprehensive benefits package as a reward to our team for your commitment to ILLUME.


Please submit a cover letter, resume, and writing samples/report samples from past work to

In the subject line of your email, indicate the following:

Last name_First name_ Managing Consultant

Expect that we will carefully review all of your materials. In your cover letter, give us a sense of who you are by being honest, creative, and “yourself”. Please include your desired location (Madison WI or Tucson AZ) and the ending salary in your two most recent paid positions.

ILLUME will accept applications until the position is filled.

ILLUME does not discriminate in its employment practices with regard to age, ancestry, arrest record, color, conviction record, creed, cultural background, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity or expression, marital status, military obligations, national origin, race, sex, or sexual orientation.

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