Opportunity Identification and Development

opportunity identification

Program and Portfolio Planning: Energy markets are changing rapidly. Whether driven by codes and standards, a lagging economy, or swift consumer adoption of new technologies, ILLUME can provide the perspective you need to turn market changes into opportunities. Whether your entire portfolio needs an overhaul or one program needs close scrutiny, ILLUME can ensure you are maximizing your market’s potential.

Experimental Design: It’s not enough to suspect that your actions are having an impact. In today’s complex marketplace, you need definitive proof that your programs, marketing, and outreach efforts are creating substantive change. ILLUME’s social and data scientists are experts in a wide range of experimental and quasi-experimental design strategies. From program start-up to delivery, we can ensure that your efforts get the rigorous analysis they deserve to prove material impacts.

Statistical Modeling: For most clients, it’s not a question of having data, it’s knowing what to do with it. Through careful listening and analytical expertise, our data scientists transform your business and research questions into data-driven insights. We help you sift through the noise to pull out key trends, predictions, and relationships to move forward with confidence.