Evaluation and Success Planning

success planning

Market Assessment: It’s best to know before you go. Whether you’re interested in developing a new product or service or understanding the existing penetration and saturation of your offerings, we can help. Our team can assess the market using primary data collection, secondary research, or forecasting techniques. We help you make sure-footed next steps by connecting the right methodology to your most pressing questions.

Meter and Billing Impact Analyses: Drawing on meter and billing data, our data scientists follow industry best practices for regression-based impact assessments. We help you link your efforts to the energy use and load management practices of residents and businesses through rigorous analyses that leverage experimental and quasi-experimental designs.

Process Evaluation: Programs and products, like people, need a little self-reflection to grow. ILLUME’s process research helps you stay on track, meet your goals, and create enduring market partnerships without compromising customer experiences. With best practices as our foundation, we add methodological creativity to deliver tailored, forward-thinking recommendations.

Participant Observation: Sometimes, seeing is believing. Our trained ethnographers use participant observation techniques to examine how behaviors (big and small) are informed by customers’ cultures and environments and, more importantly, how to engage customers to create positive change.

Predictive Analytics: Why guess when you can predict? At ILLUME, our data scientists support your marketing and outreach efforts to increase your realization rates and optimize your spending with predictive statistical modeling. We can identify who is most likely to respond to your programs and products by leveraging the data you already have in hand.

Micro-targeting: Why mass market when you can microtarget? Our team can help you increase marketing returns by more than 500% by applying predictive analytics to find households and neighborhoods eager for your solutions.

Embedded Evaluation: If you wait until you’ve designed your initiative to consider evaluation, you may have already missed the mark. ILLUME’s expert evaluators and planners can support you in embedding the appropriate standards and quality assurance processes into your efforts. We prepare you for third-party evaluation and—more importantly—ensure you are never surprised.

Evaluability Consulting: If you don’t know whether your efforts can be evaluated, the answer is likely no. Not yet. At ILLUME, we work closely with you to ensure your efforts can be evaluated rigorously and stand up to regulatory scrutiny. Using our evaluation experience, we help you manage regulatory risk and performance uncertainty.