February 2024

Cold Climate Demonstration Installation & Water Heater Installer Focus Group Research

December 2023

Heat Pump Integrated Control Performance Review

January 2023

ComEd Disadvantaged Communities (DACs) Study Report

September 2022

Behavioral Programs Come of Age: Analyzing Savings from Recent Home Energy Report Program Studies

June 2021

The Energy Equity Playbook

August 2020

SOMAH Phase 1 Evaluation Final Report

August 2020

Massachusetts EV Charging Station Program Evaluation Report: Program Year 1

May 2020

Virtual Focus Group: Energy Contractor Networks

May 2020

The Digital Divide

May 2020

Impacts of COVID-19 on Property Management and Development

April 2020

Virtual Focus Group with Small Businesses on the Impacts of COVID-19

April 2020

Impact Evaluation Considerations in Light of COVID-19

April 2020

Bringing Efficiency into Conversation with Public Health and the Economy

April 2020

If, When, and How to Conduct Research in a Time of Crisis

March 2020

Response to COVID-19: Program Design Innovations

March 2019

Natural Gas Water Heating and HVAC Installer Research Report

February 2018

Home Energy Report (HER) Savings Literature Review

January 2018

ENERGY STAR® Retail Products Platform (RPP): Conditions and Considerations in Evaluating Market Transformation Programs and Evaluation Guidance for RPP

August 2017

The Devil’s in the Details: What is the Effect of Methodological Decisions on Estimated Savings?

August 2017

Statewide Commercial Behavior Segmentation and Potential Study

February 2017

Natural Gas Segmentation Study

December 2016

Existing Homes Process Evaluation

August 2016

Energy Kits: Maximizing the Savings Potential

July 2016

Northwest Ductless Heat Pump Initiative: Market Progress Evaluation Report #5