Now We Are Cooking! What We Know about Consumer Adoption of Induction Cooktops

Posted November 27, 2023 By Liz Kelley

Decarbonization is the cornerstone of many climate action plans, and residential building sector electrification is a key tool in reaching federal, state, and local decarbonization goals. While there has been considerable movement toward electrifying the residential space and water heaters, cooking electrification seems to be the last hold-up to full home electrification. One of the obvious challenges in cooking electrification is the perception that gas offers better cooking quality, precision, and experience compared to electric cooking. While this is the case with electric resistance cooking; induction cooking offers on-par and arguably enhanced cooking quality. Furthermore, it does so without the adverse effects on indoor air quality, a topic recently popularized via several back-to-back studies, articles, and news coverage. This presentation, presented at BECC 2023, will show that despite these advantages, induction cooking has only a small share of the residential cooking market.

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