Andie Gemme



Andie Gemme is a skilled researcher with expertise in survey design and research as well as experience in in-depth interviews, usability testing, and various quantitative and qualitative data analysis techniques. With a background in diversity, equity and inclusion, Andie believes in prioritizing environmental justice in her work and is passionate about finding equitable solutions that work within our evolving technical systems. She has experience evaluating a range of programs including residential and small commercial heat pumps, demand response, commercial new construction, strategic energy management, and emerging technologies. Outside of work, Andie spends as much time as possible in the mountains skiing, trail running, and rock climbing, or at home starting a new crochet or spoon carving project.

Andie is located in Burlington, VT.

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ComEd Disadvantaged Communities (DACs) Study Report

In response to the goals outlined in Illinois’ Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA), ComEd is developing initiatives for workforce development, electrification, resiliency, and the renewable energy transition – and seeks to do so in a way that equitably addresses and works to correct historic environmental injustice. ComEd enlisted ILLUME to perform a study to inform both its implementation strategy of CEJA’s goals. This report summarizes the analysis, findings, and recommendations from this study.
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How Market Actors can Spur All-Electric New Home Construction

Decarbonization is the cornerstone of many climate action plans, and the electrification of the residential sector presents an opportunity to reduce residential home emissions. ILLUME investigated the market actors that have the power to influence electrifying the residential sector to better understand the barriers that exist for market transformation and the intervention opportunities available.
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Driving the All-Electric Home Construction Market Forward

In order to help federal, state, and local action plans reach their decarbonization goals, ILLUME looked into ways to promote the adoption of new technologies and all-electric home construction through market transformation programs.
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