Lindsay Rheinheimer

Administrative Assistant


Lindsay Rheinheimer comes to ILLUME as an Administrative Assistant with strong organizational and communication skills. Lindsay is a certified teacher as well as a seasoned travel advisor. She has both traveled and taught internationally, which has opened her up to new surroundings and experiences, helping her to be open to learning how to better interact with other cultures and people in the environments she works and lives in.

Lindsay has a curiosity that has allowed her to experience different fields, many of which have given her a breadth of knowledge in the administrative and office management field. She has experience working with clients and partners with many different communication and learning styles. Lindsay believes that collaboration, community, and communication are the strongest skills one must have to create a successful working environment.  She believes these skills allow for new skills to develop. When not at the office, Lindsay enjoys exploring her new town of Tucson, searching out street art and coffee shops, hiking, taking photos, and learning to weave.

Lindsay is located in Tucson, AZ.