Anne Dougherty

Founder & Co-Owner


Anne Dougherty is a skilled researcher and customer experience design consultant who specializes in the human dimensions of energy technologies and resource management. She is a widely known expert in behavior change strategies, marketing, education and outreach research, and emerging smart grid technologies. Anne views research as a tool to elevate the voices of underrepresented communities. While earning her Master’s in Social Sciences at the University of Chicago, Anne discovered the power of research by exploring the relationship between disinvestment in industrial economies and the impact of these macro-economic changes on the health of communities along industrial corridors in the Midwest. A lover of people and process, Anne is a sought-after thought-leader, speaker, and stakeholder facilitator. She has delivered multiple keynote addresses, including a lecture at the prestigious American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and opening keynotes at visionary events such as Shades of Green. Anne has also presented on multiple expert panels for governing bodies including the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), NYSERDA, and the Minnesota Department of Commerce, and provided testimony for the Maryland Public Utilities Commission. Widely published, Anne’s work can be found in academic journals and peer-reviewed industry proceedings. She serves on the planning committee for the International Energy Program Evaluation Conference (IEPEC), has given over 10 years of service to the Behavior, Energy and Climate Change (BECC) Conferences, and is a current board member for the Arizona Technology Council.

Anne is located in Tucson, AZ.

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Podcast: Understanding Environmental Justice

Environmental justice has reached a tipping point in 2020 as the pandemic has disproportionately impacted people of color while the words “I can’t breathe” take new meaning in communities already left vulnerable by negative environmental impacts.

Podcast: Adding Value to the Customer Experience

In this podcast ILLUME Vice President, Laura Schauer talks with ILLUME Founder and Co-Owner, Anne Dougherty about the importance of seeing beyond utility satisfaction metrics as we take a broader look at populations and dig deeper into customers’ individual and unique situations.

Podcast: Energy Jobs, COVID-19, and the Moving Forward Act

We revisit our webinar on Energy Contractor Networks following the passing of the Moving Forward Act, enacted to bring relief after more than 600,000 clean energy jobs were lost to COVID-19.

Podcast: Taking Good Care – How Companies are Addressing Employee Wellness

In this episode of Current, ILLUME Founder and Co-Owner, Anne Dougherty talks with our People Champion, Yasmeen Chánes as they examine ILLUME’s value of “Taking Good Care” and ways that organizations can lead by leaning on their values.

Existing Homes Process Evaluation

Energy Trust of Oregon contracted with ILLUME Advising, LLC to provide a process evaluation of their Existing Homes program. Anne Dougherty shares ILLUME’s findings in this final report.

Podcast: Interview with Yassamin Ansari

Listen in as Anne Dougherty talks with Yassamin Ansari about climate and energy issues from a local perspective, as well as other important issues like clean energy jobs, transportation electrification, environmental justice, and how to engage the next generation of voters and climate activists.

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We navigate how the energy industry responds and adapts to COVID-19 in a preview of our webinar, “Research Considerations in the Time of COVID-19.”

Podcast: HVAC Systems, Indoor Air Quality, and COVID-19

ILLUME Managing Director, Lisa LeBeau Obear and Senior Research Analyst, Riana Johnson delve into a Twitter conversation at the intersection of COVID-19, HVAC systems, and indoor air quality.

Webinar: Research Considerations in the Time of COVID-19

Laura Schauer and Dr. Liz Kelley discuss if and how to move research efforts forward as COVID-19 shifts American modes of interacting, working, and moving about.

Podcast: The Hidden Cost of Free

Anne Dougherty talks with ILLUME’s Dr. Alex Dunn and Erin Allingham about the intersection of cognitive psychology and behavioral economics, two fields of study that can help us better understand utility customer nonparticipation and other behaviors.

Webinar: Flattening the Curve — Discussion and Strategies in a Time of COVID-19

ILLUME facilitates a forum as clients ask questions of each other, share ideas, and create the (virtual) connections we need to move successfully through this unprecedented time.

Webinar: Tribal Energy Resilience

Dr. Suzanne Singer of Native Renewables, and Dr. Len Necefer, Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona discuss the state of energy resources on tribal lands, the disproportionate rates of COVID-19 cases on the Navajo Reservation and renewable energy investments by tribal governments.

Webinar: Climate and Energy Action in a Public Health Crisis

Amanda Dwelley and Anne Dougherty discuss the convergence of public health and energy, and how to support vulnerable populations with Lawrence Berkeley National Labs’ Dr. Ed Vine.

Webinar: Environmental Racism and Health Disparities

Disproportionate cases of COVID-19 in Black and low-income communities have laid bare structural factors that amplify environmental disasters, public health emergencies, and climate change.

Memo: Response to COVID-19—Program Design Innovations

ILLUME proposes ideas for program design innovation as the energy industry asks “what now?” when it comes to communications, programs, and research activities in this moment of social distancing.

Webinar: Service Equity – Legislation and Program Offerings Driven by Social Justice

In a year underscored by racial injustice, how will utilities, regulators, and program administrators enshrine equity into legislation and program offerings? Join as our expert panel discusses this and other important considerations.

Podcast: Bringing Efficiency into Conversation with Public Health and the Economy

Amanda Dwelley and Anne Dougherty discuss the overlap between public health and energy, and how to support vulnerable populations as we rethink our metrics for distributive justice.

Webinar: Black Voices in Climate – Emerging Leadership, Partnerships, and Stakeholder Engagement

Join us as we look back at the events of 2020 and how they have inspired us to create space for listening, stakeholder engagement, and partnerships to facilitate a faster path to a just energy transition. We also reflect on what it means to be inclusive of Black, Indigenous, and marginalized communities and democratize clean energy opportunities and solutions.

Podcast: Impact Evaluation Considerations in Light of COVID-19

Anne Dougherty discusses how massive shifts in energy use patterns have us rethinking everything from baselines to alternative metrics for 2020 with ILLUME’s technical team.

Podcast: A Discussion on Redlining and Urban Heat

Listen in as we talk mapping, redlining, and urban heat with University of Arizona Assistant Professor of Planning and Sustainable Built Environments, Dr. Ladd Keith and ILLUME Consultant, Amanda Maass.

Podcast: Virtual Focus Group with Small Businesses on the Impacts of COVID-19

ILLUME Founders, Anne Dougherty and Sara Conzemius, talk about the impacts of COVID-19 on small businesses ahead of a virtual focus group with entrepreneurs and business owners.

Podcast: The Road Ahead

What is in store for the energy industry in 2021? Join ILLUME Co-Founders Anne Dougherty and Sara Conzemius as they reflect on the lessons of 2020 while they chart ILLUME’s course for 2021.

Webinar: Virtual Focus Group with Small Businesses on the Impacts of COVID-19

The American economy is on life-support as shelter-in-place orders and social distancing measures have devastated small businesses. What are the implications on commercial customer programs, offerings, and utility investments?

Podcast: A Conversation with Members of Tucson’s Commission on Climate, Energy, and Sustainability ‬

In this special episode, Anne Dougherty interviews members of Tucson’s Commission on Climate, Energy, and Sustainability. Get an insider’s look at how community leaders are thinking through equity, energy impacts, climate adaptation plans, economic development, and restoring the balance between our natural spaces, our cities, and ourselves.

Webinar: Impacts of COVID-19 on Property Management and Development

In this virtual focus group, we listen to feedback from experts from master-planned communities, commercial real estate, and single and multifamily property management firms to help utilities and program read the tea leaves as the novel coronavirus has caused Americans to rethink where we live, work, and congregate.

Webinar: Doubling Down on Climate Change – How Cities and States are Investing in Resiliency

In this webinar, we speak with government leaders in Arizona, Florida, and Wisconsin to examine resilience through clean energy investments, climate action plans, and climate adaptation and mitigation efforts.

Podcast: The State of Property Management Under COVID-19

Anne Dougherty and Ben Riehle from the Apex Team at Keller Williams Southern Arizona discuss the state of property management ahead of this week’s virtual focus group with leaders of some of Arizona’s largest master-planned, multifamily, commercial, retail, and restaurant developments.

Podcast: Bringing Our Full Selves to the Workplace

How can organizations create cultures that enable employees to bring their full selves to the workplace? In this podcast, we sit down with Dr. Eric Plemons and Dr. Stephanie Troutman Robbins, to help us think critically about how discussions that focus on race and gender are good for us and can help us be better colleagues, and do better work.

Diverse Communications for Diverse Customers

In their 2018 EEI workshop, Anne Dougherty and Allison T. Musvosvi share findings from our research on how concepts of energy, home, and community resonate across diverse customer groups.

Statewide Commercial Behavior Segmentation and Potential Study

What is the behavioral intervention potential in Minnesota small businesses? And how do you get them to engage? Anne Dougherty, Eileen Hannigan, and Shannon Kahl answer those questions in this 2017 report.

Natural Gas Segmentation Study

Anne Dougherty, Amanda Dwelley, and Shannon Kahl studied the attitudes and behaviors of natural gas consumers in the Pacific Northwest. They explain their findings in their 2017 report for NEEA.

Minnesota Department of Commerce Division of Energy Resources Behavior Energy Efficiency Behavioral Programs Literature Review, Benchmarking Analysis, and Evaluation and Planning Guidance

This report, led by Anne Dougherty, provide guidance for Minnesota in behavioral program design, implementation, and evaluation.

Locational Emissions Estimation Methodology (LEEM)

Webinar By Anne Dougherty and Wayne State University

Making Research Matter! A Talk at the Northwest Energy Efficiency Exchange

Anne Dougherty speaks on getting clear on your research goals in this video recording from the 2015 Efficiency Exchange conference in Portland.

Behavioral Energy Feedback Program Evaluation

Anne Dougherty and Sara Conzemius’ white paper from the 2014 IEPEC conference in Berlin proves the need to go further than just assessing energy impacts of behavioral programs.

Integrating Behavior Programs into Portfolio Plans to Integrate Cross-Program Effects

A white paper by Anne Dougherty and Michael Goldman on how we can explore alternative evaluation and planning approaches to diminish or remove disincentive to cross-promote programs.

MyMeter Impact Evaluation

Anne Dougherty and Eileen Hannigan provide an impact evaluation of Accelerated Innovations’ (AI) MyMeter program.

California Statewide Water-Energy Nexus Message

Anne Dougherty’s presentation summarizes results and recommendations from water-energy nexus message testing research she led in California.

Lessons in Water/Energy Messaging

This brief provides findings and key takeaways from consumer message testing on the water/energy nexus in Spanish and Mandarin led by Anne Dougherty.

The Promise and Reality of Behavior Programs

This presentation by Anne Dougherty explores whether behavior program are a reliable resource.

Impacts of Feedback Programs: Generating Comparable Impacts across Varying Program Design Models

Co-authored by Anne Dougherty, this white paper on feedback program was presented at IEPEC in Chicago in 2013.

Some Insights on Matching Methods in Estimating Energy Savings for an Opt-In Behavioral- Based Energy Efficiency Program

This white paper was co-authored by Anne Dougherty and presented at IEPEC in Chicago in 2013. It examines two statistical models to estimate savings in opt-in behavioral programs.

Paving the way for a Richer Mix of Residential Behavioral Programs

This paper, co-authored by Anne Dougherty, identifies behavior change intervention options for California programs and the intervention strategies that can make them successful.

Supporting and Facilitating Experimentation in Energy Efficiency: Exploring New Validity Constructs to Support Inter- and Intra-Organizational Paths to Success

This white paper, which details the primary barriers to leveraging experimental design in evaluation, is co-authored by Anne Dougherty and was presented at the 2012 ACEEE Summer Study.

Moving Behind Econometrics to Examine the Behavioral Change Behind Impacts

This white paper on estimating behavior change impacts, was co-authored by Anne Dougherty and Amanda Dwelley and presented at IEPEC in Boston in 2011.

Ethnographic Inquiry in Energy: Exploring Meaning-Making and Sociality in Language Use, Program Participation, and Behavioral Choice

This white paper on ethnography was co-authored by Anne Dougherty and presented at the 2010 ACEEE Summer Study.