Joe Kramer

Senior Consultant


Joe Kramer has more than 25 years of experience in energy and environmental consulting. He has managed and contributed to numerous qualitative and quantitative studies covering energy generation and use issues, and provided valuable intelligence to industry, government, interest groups, and the public. His research has provided key insights on issues with technology adoption, regulatory policy, energy efficiency program design, and options for incentivizing environmentally beneficial behavior. He has conducted 80 case studies of experiences using farm-based and food industry anaerobic digester systems for manure management and wastewater treatment, setting the industry standard for these studies. He is currently working on an EPA-funded project to help digester system owners evaluate the option of co-digesting food wastes. He served as a research consultant for the Wisconsin Governor’s Biobased Industry Consortium conducting techno-economic analysis of feedstocks, conversion technologies, and bio-products for industry development in Wisconsin. He also served as the biogas expert assisting the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and was a long-term steering committee member with the multi-sectoral renewable energy promotion group Wisconsin Distributed Resources Collaborative. When Joe is not studying up on the next hot energy trend, he is practicing mixed martial arts or trying out a promising new recipe while listening to ska-punk music.


Joe is located in Madison, WI.