Mallika Jayaraman

Senior Managing Consultant


Mallika Jayaraman is a Senior Managing Consultant with an aptitude for using individual customer insights to answer big picture questions in the energy space. She believes that customer and stakeholder buy-in is a critical component of decarbonizing the energy and transportation sectors, as forces such as electrification, distributed energy technologies, and increased connectivity reshape the relationship between customers and energy providers. With ten years of experience in demand-side management, Mallika uses a mix of qualitative and quantitative approaches to lead research teams through program evaluation and design, strategic planning, and market research. Mallika specializes in using surveys, in-depth interviews, focus groups, and customer journey maps to capture a diverse array of perspectives and identify opportunities to align around common goals. Always seeking creative solutions to thorny problems, Mallika enjoys developing custom research approaches that meet individual client needs. When Mallika is not uncovering pathways to a more sustainable energy future, you can find her exploring Chicago’s neighborhoods, reading a good book, or baking tasty treats for her friends and family.


Mallika is located in Chicago, IL.

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