Julia Mann



Julia Mann is an Analyst with a combination of qualitative and quantitative expertise, specializing in data analysis, collection, and management. With a background in sociology and psychology, Julia possesses a keen understanding of human behavior and interaction, allowing them to adeptly unravel the intricacies of social dynamics and relationships. Driven by a passion for making a tangible impact, Julia goes beyond theory, employing their insights to create real-world solutions. They are devoted to utilizing data for fostering positive change, making a significant impact in both their local community and beyond. By seamlessly integrating their analytical, sociological, and psychological knowledge, Julia transforms raw data into actionable insights, bridging the gap between theory and practical, meaningful results. When Julia is not engrossed in social science research, they enjoy spending time with their family, friends, and animals, as well as playing puzzle games such as Lego, Sudoku, and Tetris.


Julia is located in Madison, WI.