Leigh Michael

Senior Managing Consultant


Leigh Michael is a Senior Managing Consultant specializing in customer research, developmental evaluation, and policy and program evaluation. With nine years of experience delivering and evaluating sustainability interventions, Leigh is particularly interested in helping her clients understand—and act upon—their stakeholders’ unmet needs. Leigh is a subject matter expert in qualitative customer research, and applies methods such as in-depth interviews, focus groups, on-sites, surveys, and desk research to better understand the behaviors, attitudes, and motivations of customers. Leigh understands that evaluation should be in service of equity and applies a nuanced lens to research to understand the cultural and structural context underpinning any research effort. Leigh applies her skills in project management and research design to support program innovation, and she does it by synthesizing complex analytics into a clear story with actionable results. When Leigh isn’t interpreting stakeholder insights, she’s likely backpacking around (beautiful!) Washington State, cooking sans measuring cups, or reading a mystery novel.


Leigh is located in Seattle, WA.